Aris Allen 8155-BK Aris Allen Men's Black Loafer w/special Heel

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  • These are an exact copy of a pair of loafers that were owned by Michael Jackson.
  • They feature a Raw Leather Sole and Heel with a special rubber insert to keep your feet from becoming fatigued. The footbed is lined with foam so it's much more comfortable and supportive than most ordinary dance shoes.
  • Perfect shoes for Michael Jackson impersonators.
  • This style is a copy of an expensive dress loafer. As such, it does not have the usual ultra-flexible Aris Allen dance sole.
  • Aris Allen is known for making vintage style swing dance shoes and reproduction models that are more authentic equipment for dancing swing than ordinary ballroom shoes are. Their philosophy being that your dancing will look more authentic if you wear the same style of shoes the inventors of the dance were wearing.
  • Please check the sizing recommendations before placing your order.
  • Item #: 8155-BK


  • This style was developed not only in response to the many swing dancers who were inspired to dance by Michael Jackson, but because of their requests for shoes with thicker soles. The sole has the same thickness you'll find on ordinary dress shoes which means there will be a break-in period before they feel ultra-comfy.
  • The story behind these shoes: After searching for several years, the designers at Aris Allen finally came up with a photograph of the bottom of the Gloved One's dance shoes. Seems the men's shoe designer at Aris Allen and one of his dance pals are fascinated with the science behind Jackson's dance moves and spins.
  • The loafers in the photograph were worn by the King of Pop during his 30th Anniversary TV special and autographed with “You Rock My World, Billie Jean” on the bottom. Aris Allen has faithfully reproduced every nuance down to the “Gentleman's Corner”* and half rubber sole on the bottom of his bespoke heels. They have not, however, autographed them. The only real change is the squishy footbed and special rubber insert in the middle of the heel.
  • *A Gentleman's Corner is when the inside corner of a heel is cut off so it doesn't catch on the cuff of dress trousers.

(Our returns show we are right about 90% of the time)

We find that these run true to size for normal feet, a half size small on Wide width (and not good for narrow feet because this style is basically a moccasin - or “Moc Toe” - it's rounded and evenly roomy around the vamp and toe).

Most men know which two sizes they fit best (like 10 & 10.5 or 8.5 & 9). To figure out which size you'll fit in these:

  • Narrow width = these are medium width loafers and, because they have no shoelaces to adjust, will probably prove difficult to fit on narrow feet.
  • Average width = most fit the larger of the two sizes they usually fit (if you fit size 10-10.5 you'll most likely fit a 10.5).
  • Wide width = you'll probably fit one half size larger than the largest size you usually fit (if you fit size 10-10.5 you'll most likely fit a 10.5 or an 11).


How, how, how did Michael spin like that from a normal prep? It's like those powerful spins came out of nowhere!

Jeff Booth, choreographer, instructor and vintage dance deconstruction fanatic really needs to be credited with breaking this down for us.

It looks like Jackson just crosses one foot over the other during the prep and then magically spins 7+ times. That’s normally almost impossible without leading up to it with a bunch of motion, posture, and limb positioning that gives away what is about to happen especially in slick shoes. The secret is that rubber heel! Part way through the seemingly normal spin the rubber part of the heel naturally comes in contact with the floor creating a moment of solid connection to the floor that he used for a hidden, mid-spin burst of torque.

Use caution when trying this! Ask a professional for help - really. This is not a full break-down of the posture, arms, footwork etc.
The torque you get from this may take you by surprise and like any other dance move can get you seriously injured if you don't know what you're doing.

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